Saturday, December 24, 2011

What do YOU want?

Merry Christmas Eve! Today also happens to be the new moon in Capricorn, both auspicious times where much attention gets paid to attaining things we want. Where the former is concerned, there is so much fuss over material gifts, making sure you have the perfect party outfit, a delicious menu set for that celebratory dinner or fabulous plans to ring in the holidays. I'm not immune to any of that myself, though I hope we can all agree it should be kept within reason, and ultimately be clear that what matters is sharing meaningful time and being surrounded by the loving, uplifting energy of friends and family. Where the latter is concerned, with this new moon, coming just on the heels of the new sun that dawned with the winter solstice, we have an opportunity to focus on manifesting the gifts and celebrations of our heart's deepest desires. This is definitely worthy of full on focus, for where our attention goes, our energy flows and that is the surest way to attract into our lives the things we want.

My use of the word "things" is decidedly not meant to signify just material things. That may be applicable to some; however, in my case at least, there is literally nothing material that I absolutely want/need/cannot live without that I don't already have. Sure, an iPad would be awesome, a new car would be a blast, a shopping spree would be fun while it lasts, but is any of that going to change my life? Most certainly not. So at 1:06pm EST today, as I knelt at my altar in my freshly saged house, honoring the new moon and stating my intentions, desires and manifestations, my focus was single pointed and quite simple: love.

During this time of year, even the happiest and most blessed among us may find themselves feeling the twinge of a certain longing, reflecting on something that is absent or unfinished in their lives. Some may wish for health, whether for themselves or a loved one in need. Others may wish for a quarrel to be resolved, a distance to be bridged, a struggle to come to an end. And I know that I am unquestionably not alone in wishing for love. There is no desperation to this wish, there is no demand. There is simply the unshakable knowledge that I have so much love in my heart and what will fulfill me more than anything is to find someone to share it with. But that someone is not just anyone. That someone is the dreamer of dreams compatible with my own. He is ready and able to make them manifest just as I am. He is deeply spiritual and yet very worldly. He is a constant student and gracious teacher. He wants to be a father as surely as I want to be a mother. He values kindness, compassion, generosity and strength. He embodies grace and acts with passion. And in loving one another, the power of our love will grow exponentially, and there is certainly no harm in putting more love out into the world.

My life has such an abundance of love in it already that there are certain moments when I feel almost selfish asking for more. Yet this love is a unique love, different from the one I share with my mother and brother, my best friends, the dear and incredible children that I'm blessed to have in my life. This love has a depth and a power all its own. I've tasted it before, and consider myself so very fortunate to have done so. But tasting is tasting. And being fulfilled is being fulfilled. So seizing the special and potent opportunity of this day, I am making my desire known, and committing to do everything I need to do to ensure I am worthy and ready of it becoming manifest. I hope that you will be so bold as to do the same. Decide what you want and put it out there for the Universe. Speak it out loud or in your mind. Write it for the world to see or in your private journal. Do all of the above if you so choose, just so long as you give voice and clarity to your heart's desire. Then trust.

Wishing you a beautiful and bright holiday season!

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