Friday, November 11, 2011

A new age has dawned

11.11.11. Quite the day if you care much for spirituality, consciousness, metaphysics, numerology and the like, which I absolutely do. Today actually has the feel of New Years Day in that it is brimming with vibrant, fresh, positive energy that is the trademark of new beginnings. Many consider today to be the official start of the Aquarian Age, a time when higher consciousness will be more readily available to those of us on this earthly plane, a time for connectedness, peacefulness and contentedness to be the norm. As an aquarius myself I find this all to be delicious and thrilling.

Over the last few days I've felt myself more aligned with my own higher consciousness, my soul if you will, than usual. Messages have been coming through with such clarity and eloquence that I can't help but take notice, and overwhelmingly, they speak of the notion that everything we desire, admire and aspire to is in us already. We are innately whole, balanced and perfect, yet we come to believe we are missing something, out of whack or somehow deficient thanks to living life. Some of us create more suffering for ourselves than others, while some seem to have a far easier time embracing their own divinity and operating from that space. If what my heart and a lot of the 11.11.11 propaganda say are true, we're at the doorway of a time when standing in our own light, our own perfection, will be something that everyone can freely and readily do, not just the uber-spiritual set or the elite class that we, as a society, have placed up on pedestals. It is time for an equal distribution of spiritual wealth as we collectively come to appreciate the abundance that already resides within us. There is no effort required to attain it. The effort is simply in recognizing and connecting to it.

But how? And where? And will it be hard or weird? I can only speak from my own experience in saying that yes, it can seem a little weird at first when you start delving into these "new age" sort of practices and associating with people who embrace and embody this sort of belief system. Yet once the initial shock wears off and you become just a tad familiar, I am confident you will find that gathering with a spiritual community is like a wonderful homecoming each and every time. To be in an energy that is inclusive as opposed to exclusive, that focuses on intangible abundance as opposed to material abundance, that promotes truly holistic well being as opposed to focusing on say, just the physical or just the mental, it is so welcoming and nourishing. In my experience people tend to be very friendly and all too happy to bring you into the fold. If you don't understand something, just ask. If you have concerns, someone will surely be happy to discuss them with you so you can make informed opinions of what is going on around you. Open yourself to something a little unknown, forge a connection to something bigger or higher than yourself and you will certainly reap the rewards.

I started my celebration of this auspicious date last night actually, joining in a full moon meditation at the beach that literally set my heart soaring. This morning some of my dearest friends and I woke to attend a Kundalini Sadhana (Kundalini being a school of yoga, Sadhana, a spiritual gathering) that began at 4:30am. Hours later as the sunlight was streaming through the windows and the effects of the postures, breath work and chanting had infiltrated us all, the room was literally buzzing with vibrant energy radiating from all those in attendance. Then it was to the ocean for me so that at 11:11am on 11.11.11 I could connect to nature in what is, for me, the most natural and harmonious way: in the water. And the celebrations continue as more and more gatherings are to come. So find some for yourself! Try out a new yoga studio, find a drum circle, visit a house of worship, take a trip to a spiritual destination, commune with nature. Whatever inspires you, whatever will allow you to step into the Aquarian age and connect to higher consciousness can only be a good thing. It can only perpetuate more of the positive energy that radiates at the center of each of our beings, illuminating it to the point where there is simply no containing it and it can be seen by all around you.

Welcome to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, friends!! Namaste!!

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