Monday, September 29, 2014

This is how I pray

This is how I pray.

Still and silent, seated in solitude, cosmic energy swirls within.

Palms joined, or perhaps uplifted, sacred syllables fall from my lips.

Feet to the earth, one step, two, following the pilgrims pace.

Joined in communion, dancing, twirling, music guiding me home.

Enveloped by the ocean, or maybe a river, sinking and floating are one.

Pressed against lover’s flesh, passion pulsing from groin and chest, Divine union.

Synagogue, mosque, temple, forest, behind the wheel of my car.

Fingers at the keyboard, pen to paper, let it freely flow.

Lit by candles, or perhaps sparkling stars, no distinction behind closed eyes.

Holy days, rainy days, every single new day I wake to see the sun.

Laughing, crying, contemplating, articulating, the prayer is never done.

For as many souls as there are shining, there are that many ways to pray.

And that brings me to this inquiry, the burning question for today. . .

What is prayer to you?

When you pray, what do you say?

Who do you say it to?

Do you do it everyday?

There is no wrong or right. 

We each find our own way.

When you say it, say it true.

This is how I pray.

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