Thursday, November 18, 2010

My heart to hold

Being in love, new love especially, is a phenomenal thing. Mostly, it is pure joy, sunshine, bubbles and rainbows. New love is delicious, exciting and intoxicating. It leaves you feeling light as a cloud and stronger than a superhero. But as any of my fellow conscious journeyers knows, there is far more substance and purpose to being in love than all of the aforementioned delights. Each of our encounters and relationships are put in our path so we can work through our issues and karma, become better versions of ourselves and, in the best of scenarios, be a conduit for the other person to do the same. When the relationship in question is as intimate and sacred as two people in love, this is amplified all the more and has the capacity to catapult us into a new level of growth and consciousness if we are open to it. Sometimes, that is not an easy thing to do.

When you have worked hard to establish your independence and/or if, by nature, you're simply the type to take charge and be in control, it can be quite challenging to negotiate the precise balance between retaining a degree of control while simultaneously allowing someone else to step in and have a say in your life, to let them care for you too. There are issues of pride, trust, fear, ego and all sorts of other fun stuff at play in this sort of dynamic. To strike this balance, you must trust at every level that the person you are prepared to relinquish some of your control to truly loves you and has your best interests at heart. Then, and only then, can you open yourself up fully to the reciprocal joy of caring and being cared for, trusting and being trusted, genuinely and authentically loving and being loved.

Our hearts are tender things. We learn from a young age all sorts of ways to protect them, even those among us inclined to seemingly give their hearts away with great ease. We all want to love, and, of course, none of us wants our heart to be broken. We seek to find the person who will hold our heart in their hands with the gentle reverence and nurturing caress that it deserves and desires. This is the person whose eyes can melt you with their sparkle, whose smile can level you with its brilliance, whose hands are tailor-made to cradle your heart in precisely the way that allows for equal parts protection and room to grow. When you find this person that your heart has always known was there, trust. Trust that you are safe to relinquish some of the burdensome control you've been carrying. Trust that you can be yourself without fear of judgement. Trust that you have just as much to give as you do to gain and allow for it to happen. Let love rule.

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  1. Beautiful as always Jess!!!
    Let's celebrate the love!!!! :)